The United Arab Emirates has transformed into one of the leading media production industries of the Middle East.

The United Arab Emirates has embraced the global media industry through planned investments such as the Abu Dhabi Film Festival and the Dubai International Film Festival. These festivals were introduced into the United Arab Emirates to honor local and international talent.

International movie stars Eva Green, Joseph Fiennes, Morgan Freeman and Sean Penn are just some of the celebrities to grace the red carpet of the two festivals held in the United Arab Emirates.

If glitz and glamour is not what you as a job seeker are looking for there are a variety of opportunities available in marketing jobs in the United Arab Emirates.

Some of the possible avenues available to job seekers looking to break into the media marketing industry include advertising media, broadcasting media, digital media, print media and social media.

A number of international and local advertising firms have sprung up around the United Arab Emirates in a bid to provide their services for competitive market prices.

Job seekers looking to join the advertising media marketing industry will have a wide range of firms to choose from catering to local and international companies.

The UAE is also home to the Dubai Lynx International Advertising Festival, an annual event set up to recognize and award creative distinction in advertising.

The BBC, CNN and OSN are just a few of the broadcast media networks that have expanded into the UAE media industry. Media marketers for these firms focus on maintaining brand image through sponsorship whilst using the UAE as a foothold in the Middle East.

Local radio and television media outlets fall into the broadcast media category, media marketers are given the responsibility of garnering eyes and ears to these broadcast channels whilst looking for sponsorship as a means to support them.

Digital and Print media viewership within the United Arab Emirates has increased dramatically with the advent of the age of technology. Local digital and print media such as Gulf News and Khaleej Times gives media marketers a chance to sell ad space and garner viewers and sponsors, which is vital in sustaining these publications.

Social media by far is the largest media industry in the United Arab Emirates. A large cluster of social media companies have been set up throughout the United Arab Emirates, relying on local and international audiences as a means to getting their ideas and messages across.

Media marketers looking to join the social media marketing industry will be given responsibilities revolving around social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Foursquare.

Many corporations in the UAE decide to handle their social media marketing in house rather than assign the responsibility to an outside agency. This opens up a number of positions for job seekers looking to join the social media marketing field.

With these many job opportunities in a variety of fields available to job seekers, the United Arab Emirates is the perfect place to media marketing industry.

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