Job seekers looking to join the petrochemical industry of Dubai will have a large number of opportunities and avenues to choose from. There are a large number of roles available to job seekers including positions in sales, marketing, engineering, maintenance, transportation and research within the petrochemical industry of Dubai.

Sales and marketing representatives operating within the petrochemical industry often work closely with one another in identifying potential customers and retaining customer loyalty through quality customer service.

There are a large number of engineering positions within the petrochemical industry of Dubai. Positions can range from mechanical and electrical to production and reservoir engineering. Engineers are responsible for a number of operations within the petrochemical industry from production to transportation and storage of petrochemical products.

Like engineering, specialised maintenance and transportation is required for industrial machinery and storage devices used during the creation of petrochemical products. Many organizations affiliated or working within the petrochemical industry of Dubai often hire third party professionals for their maintenance, transportation and waste management needs.

Innovation of petrochemical products through scientific research is another avenue available to job seekers. A background chemical engineering is needed to join this sector of the petrochemical industry. Responsibilities such as scientific evaluation, research and case study creation are intrinsic to individuals working in this sector.

The three major industries in Dubai available to job seekers and are affiliated with the petrochemical industry are the airline, plastics and oil and gas industries. Sales, marketing, engineering, maintenance, transportation and research roles can be found within each of these industries.

With a large number of local and international airline fleets operating within Dubai the use of petrochemical products are essential to the maintenance and running of airplanes within these fleets. Airline organizations often have maintenance departments which contain petrochemical engineers whose responsibility is to ensure all airplanes are working to optimum efficiency.

The plastics manufacturing industry of Dubai rely heavily on petrochemical products for the creation of goods ranging from plastic cups and plates to plastic piping and installations. Polypropylene is the key ingredient in plastic products and it is derived from petrochemicals.

The oil and gas industry plays the biggest role in petrochemical production. Exploration, production, transportation and storage are the different processes required to create oil and gas goods. The oil and gas industries and the petrochemical industries of Dubai are interdependent as one cannot function without the other. Petrochemicals goods are used in each stage of the oil and gas production cycle whereas oil and gas products are used to create petrochemical products.