Home to nine percent of the world’s proven oil reserves and five per cent of the world’s natural gas the petrochemical industry of Abu Dhabi provides job seekers with a large number of opportunities and avenues within a number of industries.

Some of the positions available to job seekers within the petrochemical industry of Abu Dhabi include roles in engineering, research, sales, marketing and specialised services.

Engineering plays an integral role in the petrochemical industry of Abu Dhabi. Electrical, mechanical, drilling and maritime engineering are some of the key opportunities and positions available to job seekers within the petrochemical industry of Abu Dhabi.

Scientific research and chemical engineering to further advance petrochemical technology is another avenue available to job seekers. Scientific evaluations, investigations and case study creations are some of the responsibilities carried out by petrochemical research specialists.

Sales and marketing professionals operating within the petrochemical industry work closely in identifying potential customers and retaining customer loyalty through stringent quality customer service. Organizations which provide products and services such as heavy machinery or waste management services often utilize sales and marketing professionals to reach their goals.

From maritime services to transportation and storage operations, a range of specialised service avenues are available for job seekers within the petrochemical industry of Abu Dhabi. Third party professional often hire out their area of expertise and services within the petrochemical industry.

Some of the major industries linked to the petrochemical industry within Abu Dhabi include the manufacturing, airline and oil and gas industries.

From plastics to consumer goods production, petrochemical products play an integral role in the manufacturing industry of Abu Dhabi. Large amounts of petrochemical products are often used as raw materials or heavy machine maintenance during the manufacturing process. Sales and marketing professionals play major roles in supplying and garnering customers in relation to petrochemical product usage.

The airline industry relies heavily on petrochemical products for the maintenance and operations procedures. Engineering, specialised services, sales and marketing positions are some of the opportunities available to job seekers within the airline industry of Abu Dhabi in relation to petrochemicals.

The oil and gas industry of Abu Dhabi is one of the largest purveyors to petrochemical products and specialised services. Petrochemical products are used during each step of the oil and gas production stages which include exploration, production, transportation and storage. Petrochemical products are used on a large scale basis for oil and gas production related heavy machinery. The petrochemical industry and oil and gas industry of Abu Dhabi are interdependent as one cannot function without the other.