Being the capital of the United Arab Emirates and home to one of the largest oil reserves in the world, Abu Dhabi has seen rapid growth in a number of industries within the emirate. This in turn has attracted a large number of international organizations and helped propel local enterprises. Job seekers looking to join the logistics sector of Abu Dhabi will have a large range of avenues and opportunities to look forward to.

There are a number of responsibilities job seekers can come to expect when working within the logistics sector of Abu Dhabi. Some responsibilities include inventory management, purchase management, organizing and planning and warehousing.

Inventory management and purchase management have similar characteristics but vary depending on the industry the logistic responsibility is handled in. Inventory management focuses of keeping up to date records of current stock and pre planning orders before said stock has depleted. Purchase management involves the task of finding products which can cause minimal loss to an organization. Both responsibilities entail the tasks of tracking orders which are placed and ensuring they get delivered at the allotted time.

Organizing and planning logistics activities plays a major role within the many industries dealing with raw materials. Similar to warehousing, organization of raw materials ensures manufacturing operations within an organization run smoothly. Import delays and ensuring produced goods reached their destination on schedule also fall under the responsibility of a logistician.

Cost and performance related targets are essential for logisticians operating within Abu Dhabi. Some of the large scale businesses within the emirate which make perfect platforms for logistics professionals are found within the retail, airline, oil and gas industries.

Supply chain management and retail manufacturing are key responsibilities logisticians face when working within the retail industry of Abu Dhabi. Supply chain management involves the handling of range of products and services from a variety of businesses in order to reach an end product, designed specifically for an organizations customer base. Retail manufacturing involves responsibilities similar to supply chain management; however the end product may also yield a raw material for further production use. Ensuring all items within a retail store are stocked to needed capacity also falls under the responsibility of a retail logistician.

Besides passenger airline carriers, commercial cargo airlines play a major role in the distribution of goods and services across a global scale and logisticians play an integral role within this industry. Distribution is the main responsibility of a logistician operating in this industry. Ensuring goods or raw materials reach their destination through cost effective means is falls under the responsibility of an airline cargo logistician.

Home to one of the largest oil reserves in the world, a logistician’s role within the oil and gas industry of Abu Dhabi is integral within every step of the production process. The process of oil and gas exploration, production, transportation and storage involve the distribution of a large number of goods and services which fall under the responsibility of an organizations logistics team.

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