Dubai has witnessed a rapid growth in its retail industry, earning the name as one of the leading shopping destinations in the Middle East. Home to the largest mall in the world The Dubai Mall, the retail industry in Dubai caters to shoppers from around the world.

Another attraction which witnesses a large number of tourists coming into the emirate is the Dubai Shopping Festival. The annual festival offers retail deals and discounts as well as contests and raffle draws which attract tourists from around the globe and from neighbouring Middle Eastern regions.

There are a large number of opportunities available for job seekers looking to join the retail industry of Dubai. Apart from an abundance of shopping malls, Dubai also has a plethora of department stores, variety stores, discount stores, hypermarkets and supermarkets which are amazing platforms for job seekers looking to join the retail industry within the emirate.

Some of the vacancies available for job seekers within the retail industry include positions in sales, marketing, managerial and web based sectors within the retail industry.

The sales and marketing sectors within the retail industry often work hand in hand in identifying potential customers and retaining them through consistent quality customer service. Sales representatives working within the retail industry in Dubai have to provide an experience for the customer which begins when the customer walks through the door till the customer leaves.

Individuals working in the marketing sector in the retail industry of Dubai focus on keeping in touch with current trends, which in turn effect how they market their retail product. From laptops to tennis shoes, marketers are responsible for identifying potential customers and adhering to local norms and values when marketing current trending retail products.

Managerial positions within the retail industry in Dubai entail their own set of responsibilities. An example of a managerial position within the retail industry in Dubai is the store manager. A number of responsibilities fall under the responsibility of a store manager, some of them include human resource management, product management, store business operations, problem solving and team development facilitation.

Human resource management includes responsibilities such as hiring, performance management, payroll management and workplace scheduling. Product management includes responsibilities such as price changes, handling damaged products, returns and ordering of new stock.

Banking, loss prevention, facility management and profit and loss management all fall under the category of store business operations. Problem solving involves the handling of unusual circumstances; this can include internal conflicts between employees to customer service issues.

Facilitating staff learning and development fall under the team development responsibility of a store manager. Proper team development can help store managers keep up with their expected sales goals and help sales generation.

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