Abu Dhabi was dubbed one of the richest cities in the world by Fortune magazine and has become one of the leading tourist destinations on a global scale.

Sporting the world’s biggest indoor theme park, Ferrari World and a number of globally established hotels, Abu Dhabi has become a beacon for job seekers from around the globe. Being just a few hours away from its bustling sibling city Dubai, Abu Dhabi is a perfect location for work and long term stay.

Another factor that puts Abu Dhabi on the map is its amenities. There is an abundance of casual entertainment for partygoers as well as the family oriented. Everything from restaurants, to concerts, to sporting events, beaches and boating can be found in Abu Dhabi. All offering unique job opportunities for inhabitants.

There are a number of opportunities available for a job seeker within Abu Dhabi. The oil, tourism, hospitality, retail, construction industries are just some of the major avenues worth looking into when searching for employment within the emirate.

Abu Dhabi is one of the world’s largest producers of oil holding 9% of the world’s proven oil reserves. This figure signals that Abu Dhabi is a haven for those looking to join the oil industry especially within the UAE. Whether it’s the exploration, processing or distribution of oil that you are interested in Abu Dhabi is a hub.

Recent shifts in Abu Dhabi’s investments have helped it’s tourism and hospitality industries to boom, food connoisseurs from around the world have travel to Abu Dhabi in a bid to taste what the international cuisine the emirate has to offer. This is also a open invitation for those looking to break into the job market for hospitality and tourism.

With the announcement of the opening of two new malls sporting a number of luxury item stores, the retail industry is set to take off within Abu Dhabi.

The UAE is globally recognised as one of the biggest consumers of luxury goods and Abu Dhabi is on a bid to be recognized as the leading luxury good consumer of the UAE. Job seekers pursuing to join the retail industry in Abu Dhabi can look forward to joining an evolving market of international high -end brands and growing local retail outlets.

Abu Dhabi has already grown into a cosmopolitan metropolis worth note; furthermore the Abu Dhabi Government has launched its Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 initiative. The initiative will see additional growth in Abu Dhabi’s urban infrastructure and is in amazing opportunity for job seekers looking to join construction industry.

The initiative includes the expansion of the Abu Dhabi International Airport which is set to bring in more tourists per year as well as the construction of two new malls and a number of international hotels. If planning and construction piques your interest than look no further than Abu Dhabi.

These are but a few of the industries worth pursuing in Abu Dhabi. If its sun, sand and amazing job opportunities you are looking for Abu

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