Dubai is known as one of the leading tourist destinations in the world largely due to the high standards and services practiced within the emirates hospitality industry.

Some of the sectors available to job seekers within the hospitality industry of Dubai include the event planning sector, hotel sector and services sector.

The event planning sector has skyrocketed in Dubai catering to the rising demand in private and corporate event requests. Private events can range from birthdays to weddings whereas corporate events can range from product launches to corporate exhibitions. Job seekers looking to join an event planning sector within the hospitality industry will have a number of avenues and responsibilities.

Depending on the expertise and personal preference job seekers can often join agencies which specialize in certain kinds of events such as wedding planning agencies or corporate event management agencies. Pre event report creation and adept knowledge on a range of local services such as catering or furniture hire are some of the responsibilities job seekers can come to expect when working in the event planning sector of Dubai.

Home to some of the most expensive hotels and a plethora of budget motels, the hotel sector of Dubai attracts tourists and job seekers from around the globe. The hotel sector within the hospitality industry offers job seekers a wide range of job opportunities. Some of these include positions in a hotels marketing, sales and services departments.

Some of the responsibilities intrinsic to the hotel sector of the hospitality industry which job seekers can look forward to include adept knowledge with central reservation systems and networking in terms of business generation.

Dubai also holds the annual Hotel Show which is a perfect platform for individuals working within the hospitality industry to network, share ideas and generate business for their organizations.

The services sector makes up for a large and integral part of the hospitality industry in Dubai. Jobs involving direct operations such as bartenders, housekeepers and porters are some of the examples of the jobs within this sector. Organizations and companies which fall under this sector can range from caterers and restaurants to spas and desert tour providers. Another segment of the services sector within the hospitality industry is the specialized service providers. Specialized service providers can range from chef’s to masseuses.

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