With numerous upcoming constructions of luxury hotels and large scale shopping malls underway a job in Abu Dhabi’s hospitality industry has never looked more promising. Job seekers looking to join the hospitality industry of Abu Dhabi will have a large variety of avenues to look forward to.
Hospitality roles vary depending on the industry and organization they are present in.Some of the major industries linked to the hospitality industry of Abu Dhabi include the travel, event management, hotel and food and services industries.
The travel industry of Abu Dhabi caters to international and local traveller needs. Positions available within the travel industry include travel agent and corporate travel manager. Travel agents are responsible for helping their customers understand their travel arrangements. They also make reservations, purchase tickets and hire rent a cars. Having basic knowledge of reservation systems and being adept salesmen and customer service representatives are key attributes for a travel agent. Corporate travel managers are travel agents which are hired by organizations in an in-house role. Handling of employee travel arrangements similar to a travel agent is their key responsibility.
The planning of meetings and special events for private and corporate purposes fall under the umbrella of the event management industry. Event planners are responsible for ensuring an event or meeting goes exactly as the employer intended. From weddings and birthday events to corporate luncheons and seminars, event planners ensure details such as hiring of hotel space, food, seating arrangements etc. are up to par. Making pre planned reports before an event occurs also falls under the responsibility of an event planner.
With a large number of luxury hotels and budget motels operating within Abu Dhabi, job seekers looking to join the hotel industry of the emirate will have a wide variety of avenues to choose from. Some of the hospitality roles available to job seekers within the hotel industry include concierge, specialised service and accommodation managers. Concierges are responsible for ensuring the satisfaction of a customer staying at their hotel. From restaurant reservations to tickets for local attractions, concierges have to have intrinsic knowledge of the happenings of Abu Dhabi. From spa massage therapists to fitness instructors, specialised services roles within the hotel industry offers job seekers a range of avenues to choose from. Accommodation managers are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a hotel. From room service to inventory control, accommodation managers are responsible for the different parts of a hotel.
The food and services industry of Abu Dhabi offers a large number of hospitality roles including restaurant manager and specialised cuisine chef. Restaurant managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of a restaurant. Head chefs and specialised cuisine chefs are responsible for the food and running the kitchen which is also known as the heart of a restaurant.

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