The media industry has grown exponentially within Dubai catering to a variety of needs which range from entertainment and information to corporate branding and advertising.

Some of the major sectors hiring within the media industry of Dubai includes the public relations sector, advertising sector and the traditional media and new media sectors within the emirate.

The public relations sector relies heavily on the media industry in order to operate and relaying messages to their target audiences. Whether the communication channel employed stems from new media or traditional media outlets, job seekers looking to join the public relations sector of Dubai will have to be well versed with local and international media trends and technology.

Some of the responsibilities job seekers can expect when working in the public relations sector of Dubai includes keeping up to date with trending topics both locally and internationally and effective targeting of desired demographics.

Advertising agencies and the media industry rely heavily on one another in order to operate within Dubai. Media outlets often rely on advertising as a form of revenue in sustaining their organization and a large number of organizations and from a variety of industries use advertising in order to target key demographics.

Some of the avenues job seekers can look forward to when working in the advertising sector of Dubai includes positions within the design, sales, marketing and web advertising departments. Job seekers can come to expect a number of responsibilities depending on the position they are employed in within the advertising sector. However some core responsibilities which are common within the various positions of the advertising sector include knowledge of local and international trending topics and strict adherence to local social norms and values.

Traditional and new media sectors make up a large portion of the media industry of Dubai and have a variety of sub industries, agencies and avenues available to job seekers. The traditional media sector includes print media and broadcast media channels. Newspapers, magazines, radio and television are some of the communication channels which fall under this medium. Job seekers can look forward to a number of job opportunities within this medium, some of which include roles in sales, marketing, journalism, graphic designing and cinematography positions.

New media sectors include digital media, online media and mobile media channels. Website content creation (written and illustration), online advertising and live streaming events are some of the aspects of the media industry which falls under the new media sector.

A large number of companies and organizations from a variety of industries are using social media platforms as a cost effective method in reaching their target demographic. The social media needs of a company can be handled within the organization or externally by social media specialists. Social media falls under the category of new media and provides job seekers with a further set of job opportunities to look forward to.

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