Some of the roles available to job seekers within the financial service industry of Abu Dhabi include financial analyst, financial planner, financial controller, accountant, auditor, broker, and many more.

Financial analysts are responsible for analysing market trends and foretelling possible investment ventures through theory and experience. Financial analysts are often hired as third party specialists by organizations or are called upon by a number of individuals regarding private investments.

Financial planners have similar responsibilities to financial analysts with the addition of working out long term strategies in regards to investments. With the addition of playing an advisory role financial planners are also responsible for commencing their created financial plans.

A number of organizations whether large or small rely on the services of an accountant in order review their profits and losses. Often hired on a permanent basis, accountants also work freelance for private and corporate employers.

Auditors are responsible in ensuring all accounting data produced by an organization is accurate and complete. Auditors can also be hired by governmental bodies in order to review an organizations financial records. Internal auditors also introduce and revise a company’s accounting procedures in order to reduce cost and improve productivity.

Some of the industries linked to the financial service industry of Abu Dhabi include the banking, insurance and retail industries.

The banking industry of Abu Dhabi offers a large variety of financial services for corporate and private entities residing within the emirate. From investment banking to commercial and personal loans, job seekers looking to join the banking industry will have range of positions to choose from. Roles within the banking industry can range from teller and investment consultants to financial managerial and sales positions.

The insurance industry of Abu Dhabi offers job seekers a competitive market to operate in. Financial services roles available to job seekers within the insurance industry include insurance underwriters, agents and brokers. Corporate organizations make up for a large chunk of generated business for the insurance industry of Abu Dhabi as it is mandatory by local law that companies provide insurance coverage for their employees.

The retail industry of Abu Dhabi relies heavily on in house and third party financial services in order to operate. From accounting to financial planning, job seekers looking to join the retail industry of Abu Dhabi will have a large number of avenues to choose from. E-commerce and online retail shopping websites also require the aid of financial services professional in order to operate.