Abu Dhabi has a long-standing fascination and love for luxurious and extremely fast cars. Home to the Formula One track the Yas Marina Circuit. The circuit has hosted the opening event for the Australian V8 Supercars series, the Yas V8 400.

If this doesn’t pique the interest for job seekers who are automotive fanatics Abu Dhabi is also home to Ferrari World, the biggest indoor theme park in the world.

The UAE comes second only after the UK as one of the largest consumers of luxury goods and services on a global scale, and the automotive industry is no exception. Speciality luxury car companies such as Hummer, Mercedes, Lexus, Ferrari and Lamborghini are just some of the big names in the automotive industry who have expanded into the emirate.

If over indulgence does not suite your taste, Abu Dhabi is also home to a large middle-class population that update their cars regularly. Economy car companies such as Toyota, Hyundai and KIA are some of the international brands that have opened shop in Abu Dhabi looking to cater to the middle-class automotive needs of the emirate.

Some of the responsibilities job seekers would face when marketing in the automotive industry in Abu Dhabi would be brand promotion, event and exhibit management and different forms of advertising.

The social media platforms are available to automotive marketers in Abu Dhabi and serve well for the purpose of brand promotion. They can be successful in creating interactive dialogue between the brand and the customer.

With events such as the biennial Abu Dhabi Motor Show which attracts thousands of visitors from around the region and neighbouring Arab countries, there is a strong landscape for the job seeker to tap into. Events such as these and the Abu Dhabi Formula One give automotive marketers an international platform to operate in.

Advertising in local digital and print media outlets are effective methods an automotive marketer in Abu Dhabi can use to promote special deals and offers available to customers looking for the best buy.

Market research also plays a key role in the automotive industry in Abu Dhabi as there is a wide variety of options for customers to choose from. It is up to the automotive marketer to identify their target market to better cater to their auto buying needs.

Another niche market available to job seekers looking to work in the automotive marketing industry is Abu Dhabi’s automotive customization industry. During the Abu Dhabi Motor Show hundreds of car owners turn up from around the emirate displaying some of the personal modifications (the ones permitted by local law) they have done to their cars. Promoting the small companies that helped them accomplish the modifications is also part of the marketing scheme employed by marketers during the Abu Dhabi Motor Show.

As the richest emirate in the UAE, job seekers looking to enter the Abu Dhabi automotive marketing industry will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic global platform. If cars and the automotive industry are your thing, then Abu

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