Abu Dhabi has witnessed a rise in demand for human resource professionals for a number of organizations operating through a wide range of industries. Job seekers looking to join the human resource sector of Abu Dhabi will have a large number opportunities and avenues to look forward to.

A large number of responsibilities fall under the umbrella of human resource professionals operating within Abu Dhabi. Some of the key responsibilities job seekers can come to expect include managing communication channels between employees, settling complications between employees, dealing with government and legal issues, contracting of employees and modelling corporate culture within a work environment.

Some of the roles available to job seekers within the human resources sector of Abu Dhabi include positions as human resource managers, recruiters, human resource consultants and trainers.

Human resource managers are often employed by large scale organizations. They work closely with the department heads of an organization and are responsible for handling a variety of issues including employee compensation, employee benefits and outsourcing assignments.

Recruiters are responsible for attracting potential employees. Using techniques such as running ads, attending job fairs and reaching out to potential employee’s recruiters often operate within an organization or are hired as specialists. Screening, interviewing, testing employees and checking employee references are some of the tasks performed by recruiters.

Human resource consultants are hired by organizations which require advice in areas related to benefit administration, training, employee relations and compensation.

Employee training programs are often handled by trainers hired externally for a range of purposes. New employee orientation, preparing employees for management responsibilities and developing interpersonal skills of employees are some of the responsibilities of a trainer operating in the human resource sector of Abu Dhabi.

Job seekers looking to join the human resources sector of Abu Dhabi have a number of large scale industries to choose from. Some of the major industries within the emirate include the retail, airline and oil and gas industries.

The retail industry of Abu Dhabi is steadily on the rise. With two new large scale shopping malls under way Abu Dhabi is set to rival Dubai as the retail shopping destination of the Middle East. The growing retail industry of Abu Dhabi has attracted a large number of international organizations and instigated local retail growth as well. Some of the main responsibilities for human resource professionals working within the retail industry of Abu Dhabi include communication between retail outlets and managing communication between employees.

Ethihad airlines is one of the world’s leading airline companies operating out of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is also home to a number of international air travel providers from around the world. Human resource professionals working within the airline industry are responsible for communication channels between airline offices on an international level.

Abu Dhabi also holds one of the largest oil reserves in the world which attracts a large number of international industries. The processes of oil and gas production include exploration, production, transportation and storage. These processes often employ a large scale workforce which has to be interconnected to

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