In the past Dubai had depended highly on trade for a range of products due to the lack of manufacturing capabilities within the emirate. Over the years however, Dubai has established itself in a number of industries in relation to manufacturing of goods and products.

Job seekers looking to join the manufacturing and production sector of the Middle East can look forward to a large number of opportunities and avenues available to them. Some of the job roles available in Dubai within the manufacturing industry include positions as commodity managers and buyers, engineers and information technology specialists.

Commodity managers and buyers are responsible for acquiring raw materials required for the production of goods. Acquiring and negotiating prices for production purposes and working closely with a manufacturing companies engineering, design and production managerial departments are the key responsibilities of commodity manager and buyer operating within Dubai. Networking plays an integral role in acquiring the most cost effective raw materials available for manufacturing purposes.

Engineering encompasses a large number of positions within the manufacturing industry of Dubai. Some of the engineering positions available in the manufacturing industry include mechanical, software and industrial engineering. The development and presentation of new products, equipment, concepts and processes in relation to mechanical equipment and machinery falls under the responsibility of a mechanical engineer. Software engineers are responsible for the designing of new computer systems and software in relation to electronic goods manufacturing. Armed with an in-depth understanding of assembly methods, quality control standards and product design, industrial engineers have a large range of responsibilities within the manufacturing industry of Dubai. Industrial engineering responsibilities can range from managing productivity to quality control.

Information technology specialists play a vital role in the corporate communications structure of an organization operating within the manufacturing industry of Dubai. Developing, applying and managing information technology for manufacturing companies are some of their key responsibilities.

Some of the major sectors within Dubai available to job seekers include the retail and consumer goods manufacturing, chemical manufacturing and the industrial and farm equipment manufacturing sectors found within the emirate.

The retail and consumer goods manufacturing sector of Dubai is one of the largest sectors within the manufacturing industry of Dubai. Apart from the large number of imported retail products, Dubai has also witnessed the growth in the local retail production sector within the emirate. Consumer goods manufactured in Dubai can range from wall plastering to apparel. The combination of these two sectors makes up a large chunk of the manufacturing industry of Dubai.

Chemical manufacturing produces a range of products which are used within a number of industries in Dubai. Product usage can range from petrochemical products for the oil and gas industry within the emirate to cleaning products for commercial and private use.

Industrial and farm equipment manufacturers are relied upon to support local agricultural industries and the manufacturing industry of Dubai. Heavy machinery and light weight tools are some of the products manufactured by these two sectors.