A large number of industries operating within Dubai rely heavily on their customer service department in helping to identify potential customers and retaining customer loyalty.

Positions available for job seekers within the customer relations sector of Dubai can range from managerial positions such as customer relationship manager or customer experience management to telephone and internet customer service providers. The goal of a customer service representative is to shift a customer’s opinion about a product or service from satisfied to loyal which then evolves from loyal to advocate.

Some of the major industries within Dubai which rely heavily on customer service procedures include the retail, information technology and hospitality industries operating within the emirate.

Dubai is known as the leading shopping destination of the Middle East. Apart from the large range of retail products available within the emirate, retail companies operating in Dubai often adhere to strict policies in regards to quality customer service. Working closely with the sales and marketing department of a company, customer service representatives are responsible for retaining customer loyalty. Many retail stores in Dubai often have section devoted to complaints, returns and exchanges, this falls under the responsibility of the customer service department.

The information technology industry of Dubai relies heavily on customer service and customer feedback in order to retain customer loyalty and help in the evolution of a product or service. From antiviral software to operating systems, customer feedback allows companies operating within the information technology industry to modify software and hardware in order to fix a number of bugs and glitches which customers may experience when using a product or service. Another large customer service sector available for job seekers within the information technology industry of Dubai is the technical support services. Technical support falls under the customer service umbrella and deals with customers on a face to face basis over the telephone or over the internet. Customer service representatives working within the technical support sector of the information technology industry have to be adept and well versed in the products and services of the company they are working for.

Dubai is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world, thus maintaining an exemplary standard within the hospitality industry is vital for the emirate. Customer feedback and customer reviews often make or break an organization operating within the hospitality industry of Dubai. From bars and restaurants to bus tours and desert safaris, customer loyalty is often garnered by ensuring the customer is completely satisfied with their experience.

Another avenue available to job seekers within the customer service sector of Dubai is the maintenance and operations departments of the automated customer service sectors within the emirate. A large number of organizations often rely on automated customer service systems due to it’s low cost. The operation and maintenance of these automated systems fall under the umbrella of the customer service department. Often times when the automated system cannot handle a query, the problem is relayed to a customer service representative.

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