With plans for the first microchip foundry in the United Arab Emirates to be constructed in Abu Dhabi and a range of local and international technology investments made by the local government, the information technology industry in Abu Dhabi offers job seekers a range of avenues and opportunities to choose from.

There are a variety of avenues for job seekers to choose from within the information technology industry. Some of the positions include roles in engineering, development, consultancy and sales and marketing.

Software and hardware engineering roles within the information technology industry are vital in terms of research and development. Creating and modifying software programs fall under the responsibility of the software engineer whereas hardware engineers focus on the electronics and machinery involved in information technology systems.

Third party agencies are often hired by organizations in order to create their company website. These agencies use the expertise of their development department in order to create, modify and maintain said website. Development roles available to job seekers within the information technology industry include positions as web developers, software developers and web masters.

Information technology consultants are hired by large scale organizations in order to review their current information technology systems and modify them if needed to increase productivity. Information technology consultants also offer training programs for employees in order to introduce newly installed information systems as well as promote efficiency.

Sales and marketing professional working within the information technology industry of Abu Dhabi work closely with one another in order to identify potential customers and retain them through stringent quality customer service. Roles within the sales and marketing sector include sales engineering and information technology technical support. Sales engineers have to have an expert level of knowledge of the product they are selling. They have to be able to offer onsite demonstrations as well as provide ongoing technical support to their clients.

Some of the major industries linked with the information technology industry of Abu Dhabi include the retail, airline and banking industries.

The retail industry relies heavily on information technology systems for inventory management, inter outlet communication and keeping track of bought and sold goods. Retail electronics such as laptops, desktops and mobile phones rely on information technology tech support personnel in regards to customer queries. Information technology sales and marketing professionals play key roles in the retail industry of Abu Dhabi.

From high end on board aerospace computer systems to passenger and cargo databases, information technology professionals are often hired on an in house basis in ensuring all electronics are operating at maximum efficiency. Information technology engineers and consultants play key roles within the airline industry of Dubai.

From web stores to online e-commerce transactions, information technology developers and sales and marketing professional play key roles in the banking industry of Abu Dhabi.

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