A large number of law practices have opened their doors in Dubai to cater to the rising demand of law related services within the emirate. Job seekers looking to join the legal sector of Dubai have a large number of opportunities and avenues available within the emirate.

There are a number of roles available to job seekers within the legal sector of Dubai. Some of the roles include firm associate, in-house counsel, solo practitioners, paralegals and law professors.

Firm associates comprise of recent law graduates hired by a law firms. Firm associates are often tasked with long working hours with minimal pay. However diligence pays off through connections made during this period of time and the experience gained.

In-house counsel refers to lawyers hired by an organizations legal department in order to advise the management on a range of legal issues.

Solo practitioners refer to individuals who open their own personal practice rather than joining a firm. Solo practitioners can fall under the category of entrepreneurship as they have to manage their business endeavours as well as handle the needs of their clientele.

Paralegals are individuals who assist lawyers in their legal work. Responsibilities within this role can range from research to administrative work.

With the demand for legal practitioners on the rise, many local and internationally affiliated education organizations provide excellent platforms for law professors working within the emirate.

Many organizations in Dubai often have to deal with a number of legal scenarios depending on the industry they are a part of. Some of the key categories of law present within Dubai available to job seekers include commercial, corporate, international and Islamic law models.

Legal issues in relation to an organizational hiring practices, corporate contracts and production and distribution of consumer goods fall under the umbrella of commercial law. Corporate law specialists focus on the study of the interaction within an organization and its key stakeholders.

With the rise in information technology a large number of organizations both local and international are reaching a global set of clientele. This globalisation has led to the rise in demand for international law experts. International law experts are responsible for having acute knowledge of law systems from around the globe and international law agreements which supersede nations and states. Large international organizations often rely heavily on international law experts when dealing with issues such as outsourcing, international agreements and international trade laws.

An important legal aspect local to Dubai and its surrounding Middle Eastern neighbours is Islamic law also known as Sharia law. Sharia law lawyers and experts deal with a range of issues within Dubai which can range from crime and politics to economics and social norms and values. Sharia law experts are also required in corporate situations regarding issues such as Islamic banking, trade and a range of financial services.

These are some of the responsibilities and avenues available to job seekers looking to join the legal sector of Dubai.

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