A large number of international software and hardware firms have expanded into Dubai, catering to the growing information technology demand within the emirate.

Some of the international information technology companies which have expanded into Dubai include Apple, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and DELL. Dubai has also witnessed a growing number of local information technology product and service providers.

Some of the sectors available for job seekers looking to join the information technology industry in Dubai include the sales, marketing, sales engineering, software development and hardware development positions within the industry.

The sales and marketing departments within an information technology firm often work closely in identifying potential clients and retaining customer loyalty through consistent quality customer service. They are also responsible for monitoring current technological trends and provided competitive market prices for their set of information technology related products and services.

Networking plays a key role in the sales and marketing divisions of the information technology industry in Dubai. The annual Gulf Information Technology Exhibition held in Dubai provides a perfect networking platform for individuals working within sales and marketing spheres of the information technology industry. The exhibition witnessed 150,019 in 2009 which also provides a perfect arena for sales and marketing representatives to test their set of skills and strategies.

The sales engineering sector of the information technology entail several additional responsibilities compared to the conventional sales position. Some of the responsibilities include expert knowledge of the product on sale, aggressive business generating tactics and an active post-sales role which includes on site customer service at times.

One of the contemporary growing sectors within the information technology industry of Dubai is the software and hardware development division within the emirate. Information technology software development can range from mobile phone application creation to anti-virus software updating. Hardware developers within Dubai focus primarily on issues regarding maintenance of imported hardware products and setting up system networks within the corporate and private sectors.

The rise in information technology in Dubai has led to a number of job openings within the information technology education and specialists sectors within the emirate.

From corporate education seminars to university and school teaching positions, job seekers with expertise in the fields of information technology have a large number of opportunities within the education sectors of Dubai.

Information technology specialist firms often provide their services and expertise to a large number of organizations operating in Dubai. These specialists are often employed for a variety of reasons. Some of them include assessment of an organizations current information technology standing in terms of the level of hardware and software capability, assistance in conversion of files and documents into soft copies and assistance in updating out-dated software and hardware.

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