Since financial services encompasses a large number of organizations under its umbrella, job seekers looking to join the financial services industry of Dubai will have a large number of opportunities and avenues to choose from within a number of industries.

There are a large number of job roles available to job seekers within the financial services industry and industries linked to financial services practices of Dubai. Some of the positions which fall under the financial services industry of Dubai include consultants, brokers and general accountants

Consultants are often hired by as third party reviewers to an organizations inner working. Research and analysis play key roles in identifying an organizations flaws and then posing a recommendation to the management. Consultants fall under the umbrella of financial services as the review of a company’s finances plays a major role in consultancy.

Brokers are responsible for creating and handling an individual or a company’s investments and assets in a range of capital ventures. E-trade, retail brokerage, market foretelling and money handling are some of the core responsibilities of a broker.

General accountants are responsible for organizing financial records. Keeping track of a company’s growth and meeting government regulations in terms of financial recording are the responsibilities of a general accountant.

There are a number of industries in Dubai which tie in to the financial services industry, some of these are the banking, investment and insurance industries found within the emirate. Often time these three industries overlap in terms of services offered, yet their roles are quite different in nature.

Credit cards, loans and commercial banking are some of the key services offered by the banking industry of Dubai. Jobs within the banking industry can range from loan officer and branch manager to bank teller and credit card sales officer. Job seekers looking to join the banking industry of Dubai will have a large variety of local and international banking brands to choose from.

Investment consultancies offer their clients specialist advice and investment planning opportunities which best suits their means and interests. Clients can range from multinational companies to private investors. Job roles within this industry can range from consultancy sales and corporate financiers to traders and research analysts.

The insurance industry in Dubai has skyrocketed with a large number of international and local businesses setting up around the emirate. Insurance specialists handle large scale corporate clients to individual private accounts. According to Dubai law all cars operating within the emirate has to have insurance coverage. The same rule applies to employees working in large scale organizations. This gives a huge boost to the insurance industries operating within the emirate.