The safety and security of employees is of the utmost importance in any organization operating in the Middle East. Workplace safety plays an integral role in industry practices and regulations of Dubai which is enforced by the government. Job seekers looking to join the safety sector of Dubai will have a large number of opportunities and avenues to look forward to.

Human resources, safety officer, safety inspector and safety engineer are some of the positions available for job seekers within the safety sector of Dubai.

Human resource representatives are considered to carry out a more corporate role in an organization with little to do with safety regulation. However occupational safety plays an important role within and organization as it links towards legal issues a company may face for a lack of employee safety regulations.

Safety officers play a major role within organizations which function using heavy machinery and equipment on a regular basis. Safety officers operating within an organization are responsible for training employees and ensuring all safety regulations are adhered to within an organizations work environment.

Safety inspectors are third party specialists often hired by government or industry regulatory bodies in order to assess an organizations health and safety regulations are up to par. Safety inspectors operate within a number of industries in Dubai ranging from food and health safety inspectors to mechanical and automotive safety inspectors. Safety inspectors can also be hired by organizations in order to assess and ensure products and services relayed by their company meet industry safety standards.

Safety engineering carry critical responsibilities in ensuring life-critical systems within a range of organizations continue to operate despite a malfunction. Life-critical systems are systems which can result in death, injury, damage to equipment or environmental harm if ever they were to malfunction. Artificial respirators in hospitals and airbag systems in automobiles are good examples of life-critical systems and their maintenance fall under the responsibility of a safety engineer.

Some of the local major industries who rely heavily on the safety sector of Dubai include the manufacturing, Oil and gas, airline industries found within the emirate.

With heavy equipment and machinery being used on a daily basis in a number of organizations operating within the manufacturing industry of Dubai, the upholding of safety regulations plays a vital role within this industry. Human resources and safety engineers, inspectors and officers are positions available to job seekers within manufacturing industry of Dubai.

The oil and gas industry within Dubai are heavily involved in the use of large machinery and tools as well as offsite hazardous projects. Safety training and adhering to safety protocols ensures the wellbeing of an oil and gas organizations employees and machinery. Safety engineers play integral roles in ensuring all oil expedition life-critical systems are meeting global industry standards.

A number of local and international airline companies operating in Dubai rely heavily on safety engineers and safety inspectors in order to meet global aviation safety standards and practices.