A large number of companies and enterprises operating in Dubai have begun embracing the role human resource professional’s play in creating strong corporate cultures within a work environment. Job seekers looking to join the human resources sector of Dubai will have a large number of avenues and opportunities to choose from.

The expertise of human resource professionals are often employed in a number of large scale organizations across Dubai. There are a large number of responsibilities which fall under the umbrella of human resources. Some of the responsibilities job seekers can look forward to include the hiring of employees, shaping corporate culture within the work environment, managing communication between employees in a local and international setting, settling employee altercations and dealing with government and legal issues faced by a company or organization.

With a large set of responsibilities, companies often employ a number of individuals to take care of the human resource tasks. One of the perks enjoyed by in house human resource representatives is the connections made with a large number of departments both within and outside the company environment.

Some of the major industries in Dubai which employ the services of human resource professionals include the thriving airline, hotel and retail industries found within the emirate.

Dubai is home to one of the leading airliners in the world, Emirates Airlines. With over 2500 flights operating on a weekly basis and hubs set up around the globe, human resources plays an integral role in the stability of the organization. Apart from Emirates airlines, there are a number of international and budget airline fleets operating in Dubai offering job seeker looking to join the human resources sector of the airline industry a plethora of avenues and opportunities to look forward to.

One of the key responsibilities job seekers can come to expect when working within the human resources sector of the airline industry of Dubai is the management of communication between employees on a local and international scale. Since airliners often have internal dealings perpetuated on a global scale, it is the responsibility of the human resources department representatives to deal with communication issues and message relaying within the organization.

Home to some of the most luxurious and expensive hotels and a plethora of budget motels helped Dubai in being recognised as one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. International hotel chains such as the Hyatt, Kempinski and Hilton depend highly on their human resource departments in managing communication between employees on a local and international scale.

Dubbed the shopping capital of the Middle East, Dubai’s ever growing retail industry has attracted a large number of international retail giants such as Marks and Spencers and IKEA. Human resource representative play an integral role in the retail industry in relation to communication between retail chain outlets and the hiring of new employees.

These are some of the responsibilities and opportunities available to job seekers looking to join the human resources sector of Dubai.