Dubai has a history of being one of the earliest trading centres between the Eastern and Western world’s due to its geographical location. The demand for logistics specialists has grown within the emirate due to the introduction of the Dubai Free Trade Zones which attracted a large number of international businesses and helped instigate the growth of local enterprises.

Job seekers looking to join the logistics sector in Dubai can fall into four main sets of criteria entailing a different range of responsibilities. These criteria in include production, distribution, disposal and procurement logistics fields.

The use of existing production materials in order to produce a product falls under the responsibility of production logistician. The responsibility of the delivery process which includes order processing, transportation and warehousing falls is conducted by a distribution logistician. The processes involved in the disposal of waste produced during the production and distribution stages within an organization falls under the responsibility of the disposal logistician. Procurement logisticians entail a large set of responsibilities which range from market research and supplier management to ordering and ordering control tasks. Procurement logisticians are often found in a range of organizations dealing with the procurement of a set of goods and services from a range of industries.

Some of the main industries within Dubai job seekers should look out for when considering to join the logistics sector within the emirate include the airline, retail and oil and gas industries.

Apart from the thriving passenger transport airliners functioning within Dubai, there are a large number of freight airliners operating within the emirate as well. Logistics plays an integral role for the large number of local and international freight airliner organizations operating within the emirate. Procurement and distribution logistic responsibilities fall under the umbrella of the air freight industry of Dubai.

Known as the shopping capital of the Middle East, the retail industry in Dubai has attracted customers from around the world. A large number of retail sectors ranging from clothing and accessories to computer hardware and software products. The retail industry encompasses a large set of logistic responsibilities within the avenues of procurement, production and distribution logistician roles.

The oil and gas industries of Dubai and the surrounding Middle Eastern regions depend highly on logistics in each stage of the production, transportation and storage of oil and gas products. Procurement, production, distribution and disposal logisticians work closely with one another in all the stages of oil and gas production. However key emphasis falls on disposal logisticians working within the oil and gas industry. Waste management plays a key role during the production and transportation of oil and gas products. The processes involved include maintenance and disposal of hazardous waste products which fall under the responsibility of the disposal logistician of an organization.

These are some of the avenues and responsibilities job seekers can look forward to when joining the logistics sectors of Dubai.

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