Ensuring all safety regulations within an organization are upheld and the training of employees on current industry safety standards and practices fall under the responsibility of a safety officer. Organizations which function on a daily basis with the use of heavy machinery and potential hazardous equipment employ safety officers to ensure industry safety regulations are maintained at all times.

Organizations which rely on life-critical systems employ safety engineers in ensuring said systems do not malfunction or shut down. Failure of life-critical systems may result in injury, death, environmental harm or damage to integral equipment and machinery. Drop down respirators on passenger aircrafts and safety air bag systems in automobiles are examples of life-critical systems maintained by safety engineers.

Organizations and governmental institutions often employ third party safety inspectors in order to evaluate whether a company’s safety and security measures are up to par. Food inspectors and mechanical safety inspectors are examples of safety inspectoral roles available to job seekers within Abu Dhabi.

Human resources departments within a wide range of corporate organizations are often responsible for workplace safety and training exercises. Organising employee fire drills and emergency first aid training seminars fall under the responsibility of an organizations human resource department.

Some of the major industries within Abu Dhabi which are linked to the safety sector found within the emirate include the construction, manufacturing and oil and gas industries.

With large scale heavy machinery use and potentially fatal working conditions, safety and security measures play major roles within the construction industry of Abu Dhabi. Safety training drills and security equipment training exercises are some of the responsibilities job seekers will face within the safety sector of the construction industry of Abu Dhabi.

The manufacturing industry of Abu Dhabi relies on heavy machinery being operated on a daily basis as a means of production. Responsibilities within the safety sector of the manufacturing industry include the training of employees in terms of heavy machinery use and ensuring a low work related accident count. Food safety measures are also required in the foodstuff manufacturing industry of Abu Dhabi.