Responsibilities within the manufacturing industry of Abu Dhabi vary depending on the role within an organization and the industry said organization belongs to. Engineers, commodity managers and information technology specialists play key roles within the manufacturing industry.

Engineers play a vital role within the manufacturing industry of Abu Dhabi. Responsibilities and roles vary depending on the industry. Some of the prominent roles within the manufacturing industry include software, mechanical, chemical and electrical engineers.

Commodity managers operating within the manufacturing industry of Abu Dhabi are responsible for the acquisition of raw materials required for the production of goods in relation to the organization.

Information technology specialists are responsible for the communication and technology needs of an organization operating within the manufacturing industry of Abu Dhabi. Database handling, technology tutorials and application of upgrades to out-dated technology systems all fall under the responsibility of the information technology specialist of an organization.

Some of the major industries linked with the manufacturing industry of Abu Dhabi include the medical, information technology, retail and oil and gas industries of the emirate.

The medical industry of Abu Dhabi depends highly on the manufacturing industry for the production of laboratory and medical grade furniture, pharmaceuticals and tools. Roles available to jobs seekers within the medical manufacturing industry can range from chemical engineering and mechanical engineering to commodity managers and medical market analysts.

Abu Dhabi has begun embracing the manufacturing aspects of the information technology industry. Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Investment Co. (ATIC) has begun investments into building its very own computer micro chip manufacturing plant. With a number of established international manufacturing interests job seekers looking to join the information technology manufacturing industry of Abu Dhabi will have a number of positions to choose from. Positions can range from electrical and software engineering to corporate communication roles within and organization.

The retail manufacturing industry of Abu Dhabi produces a wide range of consumer products ranging from common household items to toiletries and clothes. Job roles within the retail manufacturing industry of Abu Dhabi can range from raw goods acquisitions to product design designations.

Home to one of the largest oil and gas reserves in the world, Abu Dhabi relies heavily on a range of manufacturing services for the production oil and gas goods. The oil and gas products manufacturing process comprises of a series of key stages which include exploration, production, transportation and storage. Roles available to job seekers within the oil and gas manufacturing industry can range from maritime engineering to oil and gas transport specialists.

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