Abu Dhabi has become one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. With a number of globally recognised hotels established in the emirate coupled with the construction of Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island looking to attract a large number of holiday goers from around the globe the hotel and hospitality industry is set to rise in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi government has begun expansion of the Abu Dhabi International Airport and implemented the Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 initiative looking to further develop Abu Dhabi’s urban infrastructure.

Constructing a hotel in Abu Dhabi is just half of the equation. The success or failure of any hotel depends highly on the strategies its marketing team decides to implement. This gives job seekers looking to break into the hotel marketing industry in Abu Dhabi a dynamic and challenging field to look forward to.

Some of the globally established hotels in Abu Dhabi include the iconic Emirates Palace Hotel, the Pak Hyatt Abu Dhabi, the Le Royal Meridian Abu Dhabi and the Yas Viceroy. There are also a number of budget hotels in Abu Dhabi catering to backpacking tourists from around the globe. With these many opportunities available, job seekers have a variety of avenues to choose from looking for a job in the hotel marketing industry in Abu Dhabi.

There are a number of responsibilities involved in hotel marketing. Since hotel marketers are selling a service rather than something tangible, it is up to the hotel marketer to create a want in their target customers that excels that of other hotels. The want can be anything intangible, from customer loyalty points to the perfect view it rests upon the hotel marketer’s shoulders to promote their product.

An intangible characteristic available only in Abu Dhabi is its culture and heritage. Promotion of city tours and desert safaris offered by the hotels in partnership with external organizations is a good example of hotel marketing at play.

Market research also plays an important role in hotel marketing jobs in Abu Dhabi. What demographic is your hotel trying to reach and how are you as a hotel marketer going to draw in the key demographic?

Media management, advertising, event management and promoting special deals and offers are some the key strategies a hotel marketer will have to use to reach entice their target demographic.

Social media management now allows hotel marketers to reach a global audience, announcing deals and offers as well as a means for brand promotion. Popular social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook and even Foursquare can be used to this purpose.

Events and advertising in local and international platforms allows hotel marketers to draw in tourists from around the globe as well as offer Abu Dhabi’s local population a getaway which is close to home.

With some of these key strategies in mind, job seekers can now anticipate some of the challenges and things to look forward to in hotel marketing jobs in Abu Dhabi.

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