Like all rapidly developing countries around the world the United Arab Emirates has also embraced the information technology market. A number of global IT giants such as Microsoft, Intel, Apple and many more have also expanded into the United Arab Emirates in a bid to grow the Middle Eastern market.

The IT industry in the United Arab Emirates cannot just be narrowed down to computer hardware and software applications. It also incorporates the knowledge utilized in designing, developing and managing computer-based information systems.

Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the richest emirate of the seven has already begun shifting its investments from oil to the tourism and IT industry. Abu Dhabi is looking to build its own microchip factory in the coming years.

Dubai which is globally recognized as one of the leading tourist destinations in the world has also embraced the rapid IT development in the UAE with its construction of Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City.

International IT brands depend highly on their marketing strategies to gain a foothold in the current UAE market. The need for growth and identification of potential customers requires an evolving set of marketing strategies.

For this reason IT marketers and job seekers from around the world look to the UAE as a young dynamic environment to test and develop a range of strategies while adhering to local cultural norms and values.

Electronics and IT firm Samsung is a perfect example of an international brand gaining a tremendous foothold in the UAE. In a recent survey conducted Samsung had managed to dominate around 31% of the smartphone market share in the United Arab Emirates.

Samsung and many other IT firms set up in the United Arab Emirates are expanding rapidly and are havens for IT marketers and job seekers from around the world.

There are different roles job seekers can look forward to when entering the information technology marketing industry in the United Arab Emirates. The role of the marketing managers and executives of the IT marketing industry is to deal with all the product information and information distribution whilst maintaining a steady chain of command.

Other roles such as researchers and analysts are given the task of market research. Analyzing and keeping up to date marketing plans and strategies for their employers are just some of the responsibilities assigned to this medium of IT marketing.

Electronic expos and exhibition which occur annually around the UAE attract large numbers of international and local business and is a haven to IT marketers in terms of networking and brand promotion.

Dubai’s very own Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) is a meeting point for a large number of multinational and national corporations. GITEX annually offers some of the best hardware and software in Information Technology while giving amazing bargains to IT fanatics from all over the UAE.

Information technology marketing jobs in the United Arab Emirates will provide job seekers with a competitive global plain to test their marketing abilities and skills.

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