The UAE is one of the largest consumers of luxury products. From expensive cars to the best music systems, consumer culture is a way of life in the UAE and more so in Abu Dhabi. A visit to the various shopping malls in Abu Dhabi is considered a regular way of escaping the heat.

Since the conversion of Abu Dhabi as a leading global tourist destination international retail brands have started expanding their stores into the emirate. This has opened a number of sales jobs in retail in Abu Dhabi. Pursuing a sales job in retail in Abu Dhabi will allow the job seeker to interact with people from around the world making it an exciting, challenging and interesting career to pursue.

Most products from high end brands tend to sell themselves; it requires an adept salesperson to clinch the deal. The United Arab Emirates houses the second highest number of fashion and luxury brands right after the United Kingdom and the number continues to increase.

On a local competitive scale the scheduled opening for a number of new malls in Abu Dhabi may make it a bigger destination for new retail entrants than Dubai in the coming years.

Popular brand sales are not the only retail sales job available in Abu Dhabi. Apart from malls job seekers looking for work in retail sales can look into a variety of avenues such as department stores, speciality stores, hypermarkets and supermarkets.

There are some key aspects and techniques job seekers have to take into consideration when pursuing a sales job in retail in Abu Dhabi. Sales techniques are vital skills a salesperson has to develop in order to perform well at meeting their targets.

A job seeker looking for a career in sales in Abu Dhabi will have to work closely with their retail outlets marketing department. Although marketing and sales differ greatly their goals are quite similar. Marketing departments helps generate potential customers but it is the salespersons responsibility to sell the product to the customer.

There is room for growth within the Abu Dhabi retail industry. Salespersons can rise through the ranks, going onto sales managers and eventually store managers.

Since there is a significant local Arabic speaking population, base knowledge and key words will ease interaction when selling the product and while providing assistance.

Local tradition will also have to be respected when dealing with Abu Dhabi nationals. Customs in regards to interaction with women as well as the local tradition of price bargaining will have to be learnt by any new salesperson looking to work in retail in Abu Dhabi.

With these points in mind pursuing a career in retail sales in Abu Dhabi will provide any job seeker with an exciting and vibrant work environment particularly for those who dislike working behind a desk.

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