The tourism industry has grown exponentially in the UAE and Abu Dhabi is one of the leading tourist destinations in the Middle East. Abu Dhabi being the largest of the seven emirates in the UAE, has transformed itself into a thriving metropolis intrinsic with the regions culture which attract tourists from around the globe.

With the rise in tourism, openings for sales jobs in hospitality and the service industry in Abu Dhabi have also seen a major increase.

Cafes, restaurants, clubs and amusement parks are just some of the options available for sales jobs in hospitality in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi also being the wealthiest emirate of the UAE has announced plans for a proposed rail link between Abu Dhabi and Dubai which will further boost its reputation as a leading global tourist destination.

World renowned hotels such as the Park Hyatt, Le Royal Meridien and Abu Dhabi’s Yas Viceroy which boasts its very own race circuit applying for a sales job in the hospitality industry in Abu Dhabi has never looked more promising.

The Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority has begun implementing its Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 which with proposed changes to its urban infrastructure. This has piqued the interest of many large global investors and looks to further strengthen the hospitality industry in the emirate.

The proposed plan will also include the opening of a large number of international hotels and restaurants further boosting job vacancies in the hospitality industry in Abu Dhabi.

On a further bid to boost tourism internationally renowned architect Frank Gehry has designed the largest Guggenheim Museum in the world, set to be built in the Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi.

These announcements further peak interest by other developers in the tourism space, and strengthens the development of Abu Dhabi as a major tourist destination.

The growing hospitality industry has attracted job seekers from around the globe turning Abu Dhabi into a prominent global urban multicultural hub while maintaining a Middle Eastern culture. An abundance of restaurants and cafes from around the world has helped boost the hospitality industry in Abu Dhabi.

Late dinners, long hookah sessions with friends and a growing nightlife culture in Abu Dhabi has been some of the defining factors which has separated Abu Dhabi from many global holiday destinations. Other tourist points of interest include wake boarding, golf and desert safaris which are native to desert countries such as Abu Dhabi. This opens up a whole new avenue of job opportunities for sales jobs in hospitality in Abu Dhabi.

Major global musical acts such as Coldplay, Deadmaus and Metallica have also performed in Abu Dhabi helping boosting its reputation as an international tourist destination.

When searching for sales jobs in hospitality, Abu Dhabi is a major contender in cities to work in. Being just an hour drive away from Dubai, another major global tourist destination also helps boost tourism and places Abu Dhabi on the map as a vibrant and exciting consideration for a sales job in hospitality and tourism industry.

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