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Get a free CV review from TopCV

We can upgrade your CV to make it stand out on top when reviewed by Kuwait based hiring managers.

We will start by giving you a free professional CV review done by a team of writers in more than 65 industries that includes the best certified career coaches, recruiters, and experienced hiring professionals. Laimoon has teamed up with TopCV, the specialist CV writing service, to deliver this for you.

With our free CV review, you'll get

  • A comprehensive review from trusted experts
  • Objective feedback on your skills and expertise
  • Personalized recommendations on your CV

How it works

Step 1:    تقديم your CV/Resume for review online Step 2:    A TopCV expert evaluates your CV Step 3:    Get the assessment in writing to your mailbox after 24 hours Step 4:    Update your CV and apply to jobs

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