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Careers in The Saudi British Bank

The Saudi British Bank - SABB, a Saudi joint stock company with a long history of achievements spanning more than 30 years.

The SAP was founded on 12 Safar 1398 AH (January 21, 1978 m), to officially begin work on 26 Rajab 1398H (July 21, 1978 m) to take over the British Bank of the Middle East Business in KSA.


Terpana virtue at the top of the pyramid of banking service providers in Saudi Arabia, for a period of thirty years convergence, the SAP is an integral part of the community. It's the role we cherish and strive vigorously to maintain.

SABB participates annually in a series of social events that are of national interest. At the business level, participate and support the many conferences which mainly aims to encourage domestic and foreign investment in the Kingdom, in addition to the care of seminars organized by government agencies and local authorities.

SAP also supports many activities and philanthropy. And is also active in the field of education, offering numerous scholarships and training programs for Saudi graduates, in order to prepare them for work in the banking field.

Based on the pioneering role of SAP as a friend of the environment and its pledge to protect, we have committed to safeguarding the environment and reduce the impact on the daily operations to a lesser degree possible.

Education Initiatives

SAP takes care of many of the activities in the field of education through scholarships to students and graduates of higher education, including the Saudis qualifies them to work in the banking sector.

Community initiatives

SAP is mainly involved in a number of social events that have a national interest as many of the activities of charitable organizations supports each year.

Environmental initiatives

Proceeding from our responsibility to preserve the environment, we have been committed in the SAP work to protect them through a range of environmental programs and initiatives.

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The Saudi British Bank
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