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Careers in The National Commercial Bank

The National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia is the most prestigious banks, and one of the leading financial institutions in the region and is the first Saudi bank upbringing. Bank began its activity under the High Royal Decree on 20 Rabi Thani 1373H corresponding to December 26, 1953 AD.

The National Commercial Bank confirms his lead a range of banking services, which was the National Commercial Bank in the race invented and first presented as usual in the kingdom, the National Commercial Bank was the first to offer credit cards and the first ATM and the first savings programs for students, the first ladies special branches.


The National Commercial Bank was founded in 1953 by royal decree, as a general partnership to integrate the product of the largest banks in the Kingdom and currencies are in favor of the company and Abdul Aziz Kaki Inc. Salim bin Mahfouz and the two companies merged to form the first Saudi bank registered legally.


A few years after company's creation, specifically in 1979, the National Commercial Bank became the first Saudi bank issued an investment fund, and has done a lot of private real estate finance and auto financing innovations, and since then the National Commercial Bank led a march lead towards the development of many of the financial services, committed to the provisions of Islamic law in all company dealings and services provided to more than 4.86 million customers.


In 1997 the National Commercial Bank turned into a joint stock company, and in 1999 was divided between the stock represented by government institutions. in Saudi Arabia General Investment Fund and the Public Authority for Social Insurance, along with a number of Saudi investors.

Thus, the National Commercial Bank has grown to become one of the largest banks in the Arab world, with a total 449 billion Saudi riyals assets, customer. deposits estimated at 323 billion Saudi riyals.


In 2014, company was put up 25% of the bank's shares to the public, and which served as the beginning of a new era in which the Bank provided an opportunity for Saudi investors to participate in the expansion of the Bank's activities in all sectors.

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The National Commercial Bank
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