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Company Name: Salam Rides

Address: Al-Awali, near BinDawood, Mecca,KSA


Total number of Employees: 5

Primary line of business: Online Transportation Services

Management Directory

• Saleh, Owner and founder

• Yaseen Noor Alam, Managing Director

Company Overview

Salam Rides is considered as one of the leading "Online Transportation Service" provider in Mecca, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, with more than 200 cars at service. This company is not a transportation company, or transportation provider. It only acts as an intermediary in order to optimize the scheduling service for the transportation.

Background and Development

 The Online Transportation Services began with the demand of pick up at spot, comfortable, easy and secure journey. Many leading Companies started the app to request few cars in metropolitan areas are now changing the logistical fabric of cities around the world.

There are currently no active Jobs from SalamRides.

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