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Oman Housing Development Company LLC

Oman Housing Development Company is among the most established and professionally managed real estate property management and development companies in Oman. The Company owns, manages and maintains a huge portfolio of commercial and residential properties across Oman and is renowned for its superior service and fair prices.
A well-experienced and hand-picked group of managers handle every aspect of the lease and rental business at the Oman Housing Development Company. While dedicated teams are employed to look after Asset Management, Property Maintenance, Rental and Leasing as well as Facility Management.
Keeping pace with Oman’s rapid growth, Oman Housing Development Company is also an important player in the Nation’s real estate business and has a host of important projects in its portfolio. All its properties enjoy the advantages of design efficiency as per market needs and use only the best available materials and manufacturing methods that allows customers to make an investment for a lifetime.

There are currently no active Jobs from Oman Housing Development Company LLC.

Oman Housing Development Company LLC
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