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Careers in Oman Airports Management Company SAOC

Airport Development - Muscat Airport
Muscat International Airport has, in recent years, experienced a period of healthy growth in passenger numbers. This positive and considerable growth is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. It is being driven by a number of factors including fleet and route expansion by the national carrier Oman Air, and increases in capacity and frequency by other carriers. This in turn is being fuelled by the growth and development of the tourism industry within the country as well as strong commercial and economic activity.
Recent development
In response to significant increases in passenger numbers, and to allow the airport to maintain appropriate levels of service to its customers, a number of improvement projects have been initiated to deliver additional capacity and meet the expected future increase in passenger traffic until the new terminal building is operational. The expansion projects are designed to improve the existing passenger terminal building, focusing primarily on key passenger processing areas to relieve congestion at peak times and to ensure that passengers using the airport can still enjoy a comfortable and convenient experience as they arrive, depart or transfer through the airport.
Smaller leading Extension to Departures Building
A new pier adjacent to the departures terminal building was built and opened in April 2009 and provides an additional 17,000 square metres of passenger circulation and retail space across two levels. The Pier features a large waiting and circulation area for departing passengers at first floor level with approximately 1,800 seats, new bathrooms, praying rooms, smoking room and the provision of a wider choice of retail, food and beverage outlets, combined with excellent view of the apron. The first floor interior is a combination of marble and carpeted floors, with Omani themed decor and feature lighting. The ground floor features eight bus boarding gates each with an approximate capacity of 160 seats with a provision to combine two gates for the new generation of very large aircrafts. The ground floor features a combination of marble and vinyl floor coverings. In total the new pier can accommodate 3,000 passengers at one time.
Smaller leading Extension to Departures Building
In late 2008, the international baggage reclaim hall at arrivals was enlarged by 30% to provide increased passenger circulation space at baggage collection points. Two of the existing baggage reclaim belts were replaced with new belts in order to improve the belt’s efficiency, whilst the third was extended by 100% to increase baggage offloading and passenger reclaim capacity. The landside departures hall and hold baggage screening facility and queuing area were also extended by an extra 700sqm to increase queuing and passenger circulation space. In addition the check-in hall was also expanded by an extra 1200sqm to provide an additional 20 check-in desks. Muscat International Airport now has a total of 58 check-in counters and associated queuing and circulation space; increasing the check-in hall capacity by 53%.
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