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Careers in Mission Fire Safety LLC

MISSION FIRESAFETY LLC incorporated in 2012, is a specialized company, which provides security and safety systems. It operates Fire Protection Services, Electrical and Safety Products. Missionfs acquired DCD approval in United Arab Emirates by successfully Passing the stringent test from the civil defense by its efficient & learned Engineers & Technicians.

The Company's Principle activity include fire alarm systems for sensitive areas, such as government facilities, civil establishments & properties and all domicile areas.

The Company's Fire Protection Services segment designs, installs and services fire detection and fire suppression systems for commercial enterprises, governmental entities, airports, commercial shipping companies, transportation systems, hospitals, petrochemical facilities and residential areas. Fire Protection Services designs, installs and services fire alarm and fire detection systems, automatic fire sprinkler systems and special hazard suppression systems. Fire Protection Services operates under Various trade names, including Simplex,Shield,Zeta,Essar,GST and Tyco. MISSIONFS is committed with its very strong engineering team that ensures that their designs are based on the standards of UAE Fire Code & the National Fire Protection Association(NFPA)stipulated guidelines. We have a equally competent and dedicated maintenance team that provides 24/7 service to ensure the efficiency of the fire protection systems for our customers.

There are always new vacancies coming up in Mission Fire Safety LLC. While this is not the official career page Mission Fire Safety LLC, we hope to quickly show you below the current live vacancies on the net.

There are currently no active Jobs from Mission Fire Safety LLC.

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