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Careers in JOB 1 GLOBAL, INC.

JOB1 Global, Inc. (JOB1) is an employment assistance service and staffing solutions company offering a unique work style job-fit matching system designed to assist both job-seekers and employers achieve greater efficiency and cost effectiveness in their respective job search and recruitment activities.
JOB1 maximizes job-seekers’ chances for successful employment through a unique and innovative two-dimensional behavioral work style matching system that draws and assesses job-seekers’ behavioral work style strengths. They are then aligned with job profiles created by employers and recruiters that describe the ideal candidate for the job resulting in the right persons being hired for the right jobs.
JOB1 also provides HR consulting services and staffing solutions to businesses, particularly in the BPO industry. Company specialize in the assessment and training of Customer Care Representatives, Technical Support Representatives, Team Leaders and Business Support Officers. Company aim to achieve optimum productivity and performance through the effective use of people. Company's approach is as rigorous and challenging as it is open-minded. Company are committed to the provision of the highest levels of service for both company's partners requiring new talents and candidates who are searching for a new job or for career development opportunities.
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