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We are a recruitment company, full of dynamism and energy, with the highest standards of performance and professionalism. Team members have extensive experience in the human resources field and have been involved in complex and specific recruitment, evaluation and training projects over time.

We invest energy, theoretical and practical knowledge, methods and various selection and evaluation techniques so the solutions offered by our team of consultants to meet and respect the different types of organizational culture or management styles.

Our solutions are customized / personalized for each employee so that cooperation with the partner firms to generate optimal results and maximum efficiency.

Recruitment projects/positions: Business Unit Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Country Manager, Sales Director, National Field Sales Manager, General Manger, Chief Financial Officer, Area Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, JavaScript Developer; Head of Software Development Team; Advanced PHP Software Developer; Linux C++/Perl Developer; Advanced Java Developer; IT Operations Engineer; Linux Test Administrator; QA Engineer; Software Architect; User Experience Designer; SQL Server Database Developer; ASP.NET Programmer; Web Designer; Active Directory Sup Engineer; Core Support Engineer; Exchange Support Engineer; Networking Support Engineer; SQL Support Engineer; System Centre Tech Engineer; System Centre Tech Support; Erlang/OTP Developer; DBA MSSQL; Project Manager; SOW GIS (Luciad Map), Java&Luciad Dev., GIS Dev., Java Expert Position (Performance Test Engineer), Continuous Integration Engineer, Webservices Developer, C# Developers, Specialists MTG Mission Data, Ground Segment Engineering, Satellites., Security Cleared projects, etc.

There are always new vacancies coming up in HR EXPRESS MANAGEMENT. While this is not the official career page HR EXPRESS MANAGEMENT, we hope to quickly show you below the current live vacancies on the net.
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