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Careers in Foxstar Management Development & Training


Regional leadership in Organizational Development, Compliance and Accreditation of

individual and Enterprises.


Provision Best-In-Class services in field of Organizational Development, Individuals

Professional Qualification, and Enterprises, and accreditation in accordance with the latest

international standards and practices.


• Commitment to Quality

• Honesty

• Excellence


1. Promote for values, and principles of Organizational Development by providing

Management Consultations that ensure compliance of enterprises with international standards

and best practices, and spread the culture of Excellence in Governmental service at the

regional level.

2. Provision of Management and Technical training courses to develop enterprise's' staff skills

and to support the career path development in a way to qualify them for international

accreditations according to the latest international standards and specifications.

3. Provision assessment and accreditation services to individuals and enterprises in accordance

with international standards.

4. Train and qualify security and military personnel in their areas of competence to assure it

remains in align with modern standards in the field of security and military.


Management Consultation Services

Fox Star believes that successful productive organizations are always the driving forces

for social and economic development, which become the core of knowledge, skills, and

capital that motivate societies to achieve real economic growth and sustainable

development. Such type of success will require the organization to do sufficient linkage of

strategies, human resources, and systems with appropriate technology which effectively

increase the capacity of enterprises to sustain and grow in today's challenging environment.

In line with this belief, Fox Star has developed framework of integrated methodologies to

build and develop the corporate work system of the public and private sectors through the

following stages:

a) Diagnosis of the current practices and identifying the gaps per the criteria and / or

the planned requirements.

b) Establish the corporate work systems needed to bridge existing gaps to ensure

that the organizations meet the requirements and/or standards to be accessed against


c) Initial and final assessment of designed applied system to bridge gaps.

d) Implementation, training and supervision of the application.

In addition, providing feasibility study services for various projects and how to develop

them, re-engineering processes, and build up different methodologies and supporting

operation that achieve of excellence per different programs.



Training and Qualification

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