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Careers in Forbes Marshall Pvt. Ltd.

Forbes Marshall is a leader in process efficiency and energy conservation for Process Industry, with over seven decades of experience building steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions. Company's unique complementary strength allows us to design and offer industry specific solutions that focus on energy conservation and process efficiency for diverse sectors. Company's knowledge, innovative solutions, reliable products and global presence make us a trusted partner.
Company's Energy Conservation Audits, systems and customised solutions have been able to save energy and fuel costs for company's customers. Company design and manufacture a wide range of advanced technology instrumentation for continuous stack emission monitoring, road tunnel atmosphere sensing, and plant safety equipment that is capable of meeting today’s tough environmental and legislative demands.
For 70 years, company have partnered process industry in providing solutions in process efficiency, energy conservation and environmental monitoring. Highly skilled and dedicated engineers spend considerable time visiting process plants to identify solutions. 
With focused investments in manufacturing, R&D and services, company create value for company's stakeholders. Company consistently bring new and innovative products to the market. Several of company's products have received awards for innovation. The Minimax Modular Boiler, the Effimax (a unique boiler efficiency monitoring system), the Wireless Trap Monitoring System for remote monitoring of multi-location traps Thermodynamic Trap, Two Orifice Float Trap, Distributed Control system, Thermocompressor, and the Electronic Compound Regulation Burner Operation and Control System, Stack Analysers, Vortex Flowmeter, the MAC (Master Air Controller) and Biosens, a revolutionary new analyser for instant BOD analysis, are examples of company's cutting edge research and development.  
Company's core values of Family Spirit, Integrity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Delivering Value not only to company's customers, but also to company's members and society make Forbes Marshall a place that puts people first: members, customers, suppliers, associates and the community.
Company are concerned with the community beyond company's factory's gate. Since the inception of the company, sustainable social initiatives have been the key drivers of company's  philosophy to contribute and give back to the community in which comapny operate. Company's diverse and sustained programs support health, education and life skills development in communities. Comapny also help the community, particularly women, to engage in entrepreneurial ventures to support their families and thereby gain the skills and confidence in dealing with issues that impact their lives. Company have been listed several times among the Top 5 “Best Workplaces in India”, and first in the manufacturing industry by surveys conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute in association with Economic Times.
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Forbes Marshall Pvt. Ltd.
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