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Careers in Educate me Foundation

Educate Me is a registered Egyptian non-profit foundation that aspires to redefine education in Egypt. Founded in 2010, we started as a fundraising initiative to reinstate financially underprivileged children back to school. Shortly after, we established our learning center in Talbeya, Giza where we started delivering our own learner-centered skill-based educational model after concluding that Egypt's public education system was severely insufficient. In 2015, we took our first steps towards extending our unique educational model nationwide and established a community school. It has always been our dream to influence the Egyptian national education system, and now, owing to this recent act of government recognition and our ever-growing learner and teacher network, our efforts to turn around Egyptian education have finally begun to bear fruit. Our Vision: A world where we are all accountable for one another's access to self-actualization. Self-actualization is realized when individuals are: Aware of their identities, their beliefs and their desires and conscious of their potentials and limitations. Making choices that are aligned with that awareness, maximizing their potential and that of others. Taking action to fight for what they want and reflecting on what they have reached in their path towards fulfilling their potential and that of others We want to work in an environment where every single human asset is willingly fulfilling the act of self-actualization towards the kids, his/her colleague, towards the organization and towards himself. Because we believe that the human asset is one of most important building blocks of the whole organization and we strive to make our team convenient happy and self-actualized, we commit to create and sustain a welcoming and loving environment to enhance and increase productivity. Because we worship what we do and we make sue the message we deliver should be of high quality we are committed to being accountable; so we say what we do and do what we say we feel responsible of our tasks and we don't promise without fulfilling. We also believe that learning from each other is what makes us grow and expand our potentials so we adapt our learning, we learn, re-learn and unlearn. In our environment playfulness is a major rule of thumb, we play and laugh and enjoy the process we move and run and spin in the air we fly and get a different perspective of living. We dare to dream and push others to dream, we work consciously towards working on the dreams and pushing ourselves and others to achieve them, we help others do not need our help We empower dreams
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