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eDesign Technologies, Inc. is a Design Bureau that designs different types of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's) encompassing simple to highly complex boards.
eDesign becomes Cadstar Reseller in the Philippines
eDesign Technologies, Inc. in the Philippines has recently been appointed as Cadstar Value Added Reseller.  It will handle all Cadstar sales and support matters on behalf of Zuken Singapore in the Philippines.
 If you need topnotch quality, quick turn around PCB layout services at reasonable rates, then company are the perfect company for you. eDesign's extensive experience in a wide variety of design types and applications assures you of top quality printed circuit board design layouts for your projects at low design costs.
At eDesign Technologies, Inc. company believe in complementing and not duplicating your company's core competencies. Company's work closely with your project and/or research engineers to find the optimal solution for your PCB design layout requirements and demands. It is like having the resources of a whole company doing the work of an "in-house" designer. Imagine the power at your fingertips.
Company's provide a variety of services to company's clients some of these are:
  • Layout Design
  • Placement of Components
  • Component Creation
  • Schematic Capture
  • EMI and Crosstalk Control
  • High Density placement with blind via, buried via, & component rotation
  • Split ground planes and power planes for mixed analog and digital designs
  • Silkscreen Input
  • Hi-Speed, multi-layer digital layouts
  • Modification/duplication of existing PCB
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