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Formed in 2002, Demind has become a regional encompassing powerhouse in high-yield hospitality, real-estate development, entertainment and technologies. Based in the UAE, Demind provides investment capital for projects that strive and achieve market leadership through strategically positioned monetary investment and bespoke world-class consultancy.

As one of its initial projects, Pragma Group was formed. A venture capital specialized in marketing, catering, entertainment, and lifestyle. After a very successful distribution in the market, Demind sold its 50% shares of Pragma in 2010. Rapidly pursuing further market segments in the region, Demind launched Encloud, an IT managed service provider and system integrator purely focusing on delivering and enabling cloud computing, with the vision of becoming the leading hybrid cloud network service provider in the MENA Region.

Progressing on its impressive growth and leadership in the market, Demind continues its acquisitions in some of the worlds leading names in entertainment, hospitality, and development. With the famous and historical New York nightclub, Diamond Horseshoe and restaurant Bagatelle, recent additions to the Demind umbrella, the firm continues to forge full steam ahead.

Demind's soaring goals continue to bear into fruition successful acquisitions, asset management, and consultancy. This is accomplished through superior research for opportunity in the market, while executed through experience, strategic planning, and operational fortitude throughout the life of the investment. In long sight, Demind provides expertise in the industry and investment excellence.

There are always new vacancies coming up in DEMIND FIRMA MANAGEMENT L.L.C. While this is not the official career page DEMIND FIRMA MANAGEMENT L.L.C, we hope to quickly show you below the current live vacancies on the net.

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