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Achorn International is a company dedicated to providing on-time, quality service to publishers in university presses, commercial publishers, educational publishers, and in the scientific, technical, and medical research community. Founded in 2006, Achorn's continuous and steady growth, both in client base and in number of employees, is remarkable  and noteworthy. Albeit a new company, it consists of experienced staff who have a unique pedigree of providing on-time and high-quality service and are committed to continuing this quality service for all customers and all types of publishing-related services.
The STM business is unique in its requirements. Many of the executives and managers involved in the industry are or were previously academics, and so they understand not only the business requirements needed to publish scientific work but also the underlying needs of the unique community this publishing serves. And for many in this business, it is a labor of love, a dedication to their science and research, in short, to progressing the knowledge company all need in order to advance company's species.
Company's are proud to be a part of this global thirst for knowledge and understanding, and company's commitment is to facilitate the creation of this knowledge base in an ever-changing, ever-demanding research community — at whatever level of the process company's services can contribute.
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