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TASC outsourcing

Solutions from one of the best HR & IT outsourcing companies in Dubai, UAE

As the corporate world goes through a paradigm shift towards more sustainable paperless processes and technologies, the need to optimise existing technologies and procedures to adopt new advancements become all the more paramount. Beyond updating hardware with new software for faster, more efficient processing, there is a need to find the right workforce resources to allow for seamless integration into updated procedures and technologies.

From updating administrative job processes such as contract staffing, recruitment and payroll to developing IT infrastructure for faster and more secure operations, the corporate landscape in the UAE is evolving at a rapid pace. Make sure that your company keeps abreast with the changes, with the help of one of the leading HR and IT outsourcing companies in Dubai today - TASC Outsourcing.

Our outsourcing company: Providing flexible IT and HR services for the modern corporate landscape

We are a professional agency and outsourcing company providing a complete suite of flexible IT and HR outsourcing solutions to meet the shifting needs of companies in UAE today. We understand that the landscape is changing, and businesses must adapt to the changes in order to thrive. With that in mind, we have developed a range of flexible and scalable solutions that are designed to help businesses maximise their resources and minimise their expenditure for a profitable return on investment.

With our IT services, a company has no need for an in-house tech support team to maintain their system. Instead, our on-call services are made readily available to provide support throughout business hours in the event of an emergency or system failure.

Our HR outsourcing solutions, on the other hand, are designed to help clients find the right people for the job. As a recruitment agency and human resource consultancy, we can help our partners find capable, intelligent, proficient manpower resources to shore up their staff. Whether you need an in-house accountant, additional retail staff, an outsourced receptionist, our staffing and HR services can help you.

Efficient, cost-effective call center outsourcing

Customer support and assistance is essential in maintaining a profitable business. In order to achieve customer satisfaction, companies must maintain an open line of communication with customers for any complaints or enquiries. However, maintaining a customer support team in-house can take a heavy toll on overhead costs. With that in mind, our company offers call center outsourcing services to alleviate the cost of contact center support from daily operations.

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