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We're strengthening the healthcare world by helping motivated, talented healthcare professionals further their career.

We are a specialist organization focusing purely on healthcare recruitment, with an extensive database of locally based candidates, and a good pool of international candidates with a focus on the UK, SA, Philippines, Australia and Romania.

At OfinityHealth, we are focused on strengthening the healthcare industry by helping motivated, talented people propel their careers.

Whilst our origins are in the UAE, OfinityHealth specializes in national and international healthcare placements to specific industry sectors, including hospitals and home care facilities. OfinityHealth offers employers in these sectors innovative short and long term solutions to meet their staffing requirements, and at the same time assists healthcare professionals from countries that have a comparable health system to UAE, to advance their careers.

All of our consultants are highly experienced, and have travelled and worked extensively overseas. This gives our clients the dual benefit of comprehensive understanding of their needs with the accurate matching of candidates to those needs.

With a proven track record and an excellent reputation we pride ourselves on providing clients with the best quality candidates. With continued support our candidates are ensured their time in the Middle East is one they never regret… indeed many choose to stay on once their one or two year contract has finished as they thrive on the work and social opportunities the Middle East presents to them.

Thank you for choosing OfinityHealth. We look forward to supporting you with your recruitment for the months and years to come.

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