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Careers in Marina Bay Sands

The goal of Sands for Singapore, Marina Bay Sands’ CSR programme, is to identify portions of the local community that are currently underserved, leverage our unique offerings and mobilize our over 9,500 workforce to make a positive impact. Our designated charities, including Art Outreach Singapore, Association for People with Special Needs, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore, Dyslexia Association of Singapore and Singapore Association for the Deaf, have benefitted from our continuous support and engagement.
In addition, Company also support other local beneficiaries including those related to youth and education. Working with key partners such as Community Chest, Company are able to reach out to over 300,000 people in Singapore including children with special needs and youths-at-risk, people with disabilities, frail and lonely elderly and families facing difficulties.
The anchor initiative of Sands for Singapore is our annual signature charity event - Sands for Singapore Charity Festival. Started in 2013, the multi-day festival serves to raise public awareness of our partner charities and raise funds for them through a series of meaningful events that utilise every facet of our property, from our theatres, retail mall and restaurants, to our convention centre and museum. Joining in the nation’s golden jubilee celebrations in 2015, Company expanded the annual festival from three to 10 days and raised a record breaking sum of over S$5.4 million. The festival raised more than S$3.6 million and S$3.8 million in 2013 and 2014 respectively.
A Commitment to Our Guests
At Marina Bay Sands, Company are committed to creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences every day. That commitment extends to every facet of our resort – right down to the casino floor. Company have created a responsible gambling programme that not only assists problem gamblers seeking help, but also teaches our Team Members how to direct guests to help. Marina Bay Sands also supports the various social safeguards established by the Singapore Government, including the entry levy system for Singapore citizens and permanent residents, Self Limit Programme, and casino exclusion orders. For more information on the development of the Marina Bay Sands and Las Vegas Sands Corp.
Pre-Commitment Programme
To encourage our patrons to play responsibly, Marina Bay Sands has established the Marina Bay Sands Pre-Commitment Programme. The Marina Bay Sands Pre-Commitment Programme, which patrons may utilise free of charge, allows patrons to plan their gambling expenditure by voluntarily setting a limit on their gambling expenditure over a 24-hour period.  Marina Bay Sands hopes to facilitate responsible gambling through the Pre-Commitment Programme by allowing our patrons to plan their gambling expenditure beforehand.
There are always new vacancies coming up in Marina Bay Sands. While this is not the official career page Marina Bay Sands, we hope to quickly show you below the current live vacancies on the net.
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