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Careers in Maduro Pte. Ltd.

To some, Maduro is a wine and whisky connoisseur's dream come true. To others, a listening lounge devoted to preserving the virtuosity of the classics - both genres and libations alike. To those in the know, Maduro is their own secret slice of heaven on earth. According to old Spanish etymology, Maduro depicts an act "to ripen, mature". 

In an alternate reality not too far off from the present, Maduro is really the sum of all the best parts that maketh a man none other than Mr. P, a silver haired enigma who runs in two circles that couldn't be worlds apart - among musicians as one of Singapore's most sought after pianist in the 80's, and amongst the top brass as the gracious host of one too many hazy evenings behind closed doors. At Maduro, his first love runs deep and reverberates through a live music programme that is fiercely classicist by nature, intriguing at times; an enviable bar stocked with Scotland's finest malts and rare bottlings of worldly persuasion, wine vintages few and far between, and the occasional newfangled concoction; and an invite-only private den where deals are made, secrets traded, and indulgences are enlivened day through night.

There are always new vacancies coming up in Maduro Pte. Ltd.. While this is not the official career page Maduro Pte. Ltd., we hope to quickly show you below the current live vacancies on the net.
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