Petrophysics & Rock Characterization Lab Technician

King Abdullah University of Science & Technology - Saudi Arabia

Petrophysics & Rock Characterization Lab Technician

KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)


Reports to: Lab Manager

Position Summary

Under direction of Lab Manager, the ANPERC Petrophysics & Rock Characterization Lab Technician will help UPERC faculty and research groups conduct specialized experiments in petrophysics, rock characterization, and coreflooding. This Lab Technician will contribute to the development, documentation, and enforcement of a coherent, consistent, and continuous experimental operation in upstream petroleum engineering research at KAUST. This Lab Technician will also help the affiliated UPERC faculty and relevant research scientists to run experiments in center labs in compliance with all required safety procedures and existing data management protocols.


Major Responsibilities

• Under direction of Lab Manager, assist in the execution of specialized experiments in petrophysics, rock characterization, and coreflooding.

• Aid in the development of such experiments, applying relevant practical and theoretical knowledge in conducting measurements and recording results.

• Maintain relevant equipment and materials, coordinate service or repair, and ensure a stock of consumable materials and supplies for the equipment.

• Ensure adherence to and compliance with KAUST laboratory and campus safety procedures to maintain a safe operation environment at all times in the laboratory as well as sample preparation areas.


Other Responsibilities

• Conduct/coordinate preventative maintenance on specialized equipment

• Develop and write SOPs for specialized equipment

• Coordinate with Lab Manager on lab safety training within the petrophysics and rock characterization equipment domain, including initial training for new users and more advanced training for experienced users.



• Possesses demonstrable expertise and independent working knowledge in a range of techniques, including coreflooding, and a subset of XRD, XRF, SEM, AFM, NMR, liquid chromatography

• Understands lab methods, and the ability to contribute to method development and validation

• Can troubleshoot and conduct basic equipment repair as instructed by Lab Manager or other scientific staff or faculty

• Is skilled in creative problem-solving



• Bachelor of Science/Engineering with demonstrated relevant experience or expertise in petrophysics, rock characterization, corefloods, or related areas in petroleum engineering.

• Two or more years in a petroleum, geology, or geosciences research laboratory (academic or industry)

• Master of Science/Engineering preferred


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