Material Expeditor

Coastline & X-Mas Tree Company - Saudi Arabia


  • Adhere to all; Saudi Aramco, D&WO and international HSE standards, policies and administrative controls.
  • Monitors the progress and shipment of drilling material. Obtains and inputs order status information in to system.
  • Conducts a daily review of assigned expeditor workload queue to ascertain which orders are to be actioned based on delivery date priorities.Consolidates orders by vendors, in order to minimize the number of contracts, and contracts the vendor status information or to Expedite material. Maintains constant contact with major vendors who routinely have large number of open orders.
  • Enters and maintain current order/LDOR status information in system.
  • Identifies as early as possible, any delays which may cause a delay in vendor's delivery date, and advises as required.
  • Reviews conflicting delivery requirements and assures that orders are delivered in the most cost effective manner to Saudi Aramco.
  • Monitors the status and delivery of non-material requirement and inspection certificates.
  • Periodically advises the supervisor on overall vendor performance for each vendor with whom the expeditor has regular contact. Prepare written reports of poor vendor performance.
  • Maintains records and files and performs related clerical duties as necessary.
  • Prepare tables, indices, charts, graphs and other visual aids for use in presentations.
  • Assists in the preparation of various reports as requested by the Superintendent / Supervisor.


  • High School Diploma or such equivalent acceptable to SAUDI ARAMCO.
  • One year relevant experience, preferably been as expeditor Skills necessary to operate a computer and basic office Equipment.
  • Good Command in English to enable effective written or verbal communications.


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