Coastline & X-Mas Tree Company - Saudi Arabia


  • Adhere to all; Saudi Aramco, D&WO and international HSE standards, policies and administrative controls.
  • Assists in the operation and maintenance of a rotary oil well drilling rig onshore or offshore.
  • Performs the managerial functions common to the segment level. These operational functions of the Tool pusher are performed supplementary and complementary to the Asst. Foreman as necessary to provide adequate supervision for the around the clock drilling operation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to ensure rig personnel are being trained to meet the company training requirements, ensure operations are performed in accordance with policies and procedures of the company maintain record keeping/log as they apply to the company requirement, plan work for crews, evaluate rig supervisors, provide motivation to supervisors and crews, provides leadership, plan and coordinate overall logistics for rig operations, coordinate the utilization of equipment and manpower and maintain good communication of information.
  • Demonstrate ability to direct the application of the company preventive and planned maintenance programs, organize the maintenance of equipment by setting priorities on equipment repairs, supervise the testing and checking of equipment, supervise activities to ensure the rig's structural integrity is maintained, supervise, participate and critique emergency drills and help in directing well control operations.
  • Demonstrate the ability to research information on parts, equipment, data and/or operations procedures as required, read and understand schematic diagrams.
  • Arrange for representatives of necessary service organizations to be available to perform their special jobs at the proper time.
  • Follow accident reporting procedure; investigate rig accidents ensures injured personnel are adequately provided for and remedial steps.


  • High School Certificate or such equivalent acceptable to SAUDI ARAMCO.
  • Should have had at least ten (10) years' experience in drilling operations.
  • Willing to work shift and live under trailer camp conditions (onshore or offshore).
  • Must have valid driver's license.
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