Deep Desert Navigator

Coastline & X-Mas Tree Company - Saudi Arabia


  • Prepare plan for wells to be P&A in terms of leak severity and access mechanism.
  • Coordinate with rigs the move and the feasible access to well location.
  • Assist in managing convoy resources.
  • Assist in rig move operation.
  • Act as coordinator for all other third party services.
  • Record incident, accident, near miss during expedition.
  • Perform cyclical inventory for Rub Alkhali project convoy kit and accessories.
  • Participate in meeting regarding wells P&A schedule.
  • Work closely with Drilling & Workover services department personnel to accomplish the project objectives and perform miscellaneous duties as directed by superintendent and project leader.


  • At least 5 years work experience in Rub Alkhali (SAUDI ARAMCO, service companies, Ministry of Interior, private sector) or locals of the Rub Alkhali that have unique knowledge about the deep desert.
  • Must pass the interview with RAK project team, and demonstrate good knowledge about the area of Rub Alkhali in terms of access roads/amount of gasoline needed in complex terrains.

  • Should be able to utilize GPS, read SAUDI ARAMCO maps, and be familiar with SAT phone and short wave Radios.

  • Should be able to perform first aid in case of emergency.


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